Eastern Hills Computer Repairs is a locally owned business by a local hills person.

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The actual Eastern Hills Computer Repairs website Link. Here you will find service listings and descriptions, hourly rates, booking forms and more.

I am also working on a WIKI for Teamcave Ride of My Life Team their website is here

Supplied Services

Having performed and carried out telecommunication & IT roles in the Military, Telecommunications, Corporate & Small Business which included computer repairs The experience and training allows me as Eastern Hills Computer Repairs to provide the following:

Hard drive, email and network configuration
Software, hardware and network upgrades
Software installation
Desktop & PC, Laptop support
Server and application support
Build & Supply New Computers
Virus protection and removal
Data back-up and recovery


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WA - COVID-19 coronavirus: What you can and can't do - Information about current restrictions in Western Australia.
WA - COVID-19 coronavirus: Controlled border - Information on WA’s controlled border arrangement, conditions of entry and quarantine.
COVID-19 Vaccination site is here.


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